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A boutique Investment Proposition

Sanlam FOUR is an investment led firm that places great emphasis on client access and service. We are committed to limiting the number of clients and amount of assets we take on to ensure that we maximise the likelihood of continued outperformance for our clients.

Our investment expertise provides clients with access to Global, UK and US equities, together with our Multi-Strategy and Fixed Income funds. We offer pooled funds for each of our investment products. We also offer segregated accounts for our larger clients and manage these accounts off our model OEIC fund portfolios.

In addition to our direct investment strategies, we have a significant Fund Solutions business that provides the investment engine to the majority of Sanlam’s investment solutions within the UK Wealth business.



Multi-Strategy FOUR’s Multi-Strategy Fund is a liquid hedge fund that exposes clients’ investment portfolios to growth markets, but with embedded protection.Accessing opportunities and spreading risk are key to the delivery of PACT and of our investment process. Banner Images/Four Multi.jpg?RenditionID=5, /Four Banner Images/Four Multi.jpg?RenditionID=5
Global Equities EquitiesSanlam FOUR uses a bottom-up approach when selecting and managing global equities for clients’ investment portfolios.Our focus is on cash flow, our stance is contrarian. Our quest is to identify and invest in materially under-priced stocks. Banner Images/Four Global Equities.jpg?RenditionID=5, /Four Banner Images/Four Global Equities.jpg?RenditionID=5
US Equities EquitiesSanlam FOUR selects US Equities for clients’ portfolios in a flexible and pragmatic infrastructure, using a bottom-up investment management approach.The fund aims to outperform the US equities market over a full economic cycle but with a lower level of volatility. Banner Images/Four US Equities.jpg?RenditionID=5, /Four Banner Images/Four US Equities.jpg?RenditionID=5
UK Equities EquitiesSanlam FOUR selects UK Equities for clients’ investment portfolios in a flexible and pragmatic infrastructure, using a bottom-up investment management approach.The investment team spend the majority of their time monitoring existing positions to ensure that it is alerted to changes that might prompt a rethink of the investment thesis. Banner Images/Four Capabilities.jpg?RenditionID=5, /Four Banner Images/Four Capabilities.jpg?RenditionID=5
Fixed Income Income Banner Images/SanlamFour_fixedIncome.jpg?RenditionID=5, /Four Banner Images/SanlamFour_fixedIncome.jpg?RenditionID=5
Fund Solutions SolutionsSanlam FOUR’s Fund Solutions team has equity, fixed-income, property, alternatives, cash and multi-asset portfolio investment experience.The Fund Solutions team’s investment process combines both quantitative and qualitative elements and seeks to deliver on clients’ objectives over the long-run. Banner Images/Four Fund Solutions.jpg?RenditionID=5, /Four Banner Images/Four Fund Solutions.jpg?RenditionID=5


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