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UK Equities Team

Chris Rodgers

Chris Rodgers

Senior UK Fund Manager

Chris Rodgers is a senior UK equity fund manager and a Founding Partner. Prior to co-founding the company, he was Head of the UK Equity team at HSBC Halbis Partners, the active management business of HSBC Investments. In this role, he was responsible for the management of some £5 billion of UK equities. Prior to taking on this position in March 2003, Chris had been a Senior Fund Manager at Schroders, running several large institutional and retail funds. During over 20 years with them, Chris managed a wide range of different funds including both growth and income styles, and was involved in the asset allocation process for balanced funds. He was also Director of the Schroders Exempt Property Unit Trust. Chris holds an MA in Human Sciences from Worcester College Oxford and is qualified as an associate of the UK Society of Investment Professionals.

Alvar Fernandez

Alvar Fernandez, CFA

Equity Analyst

Alvar joined Sanlam FOUR in March 2018 as a UK Equity Analyst. Prior to this, he was a Masters in Finance candidate at London Business School and an Associate Intern at Blackstone. His pre-masters work experience include fixed-income portfolio management at Aegon, among others. Alvar holds a dual degree in Law and Finance from IEB Madrid and is a CFA charterholder.


Sanlam FOUR operates a flexible and pragmatic infrastructure that guides what is ultimately a bottom up stock selection engine. The investment process is focussed on the holdings in our portfolios, ensuring that every company held is delivering as per the team's investment thesis. Sanlam FOUR is of course also continuously searching for new ideas for the portfolios.

UK Equities Process

Sanlam FOUR's investment team spends the majority of its time monitoring existing positions to ensure that it is fully informed and constantly alert to changes that might prompt a rethink of the investment thesis.

Risk management is an integral part of our approach. The compliance and investment functions receive daily positioning reports which give rise to alerts should guidelines be breached. In addition, the investment teams regularly review portfolios and quantitative risk analysis from Bloomberg PORT & Style Research. Finally, the risk committee issues a risk monitoring report once a month and discusses any relevant findings with the senior team members.

UK Equity Funds

Sanlam FOUR Active UK Equity Fund

This is a Fund targeting high alpha with a portfolio of 40 to 60 holdings. The Fund will invest across the market capitalisation spectrum and all holdings must have absolute upside potential. The Fund will be conscious of benchmark risk at the total portfolio level.

Sanlam FOUR Active UK Equity Fund Factsheet
Sanlam FOUR Active UK Equity Fund Quarterly Investment Report
Sanlam FOUR Active UK Class A KIID
Sanlam FOUR Active UK Class B KIID
Sanlam FOUR Active UK Class B USD KIID
Sanlam FOUR Active UK Class C GBP KIID
Sanlam FOUR Active UK - Class C USD KIID
Sanlam FOUR Active UK - Class D GBP KIID
Sanlam FOUR Active UK - Class I GBP KIID
Sanlam Universal Funds plc Prospectus
Sanlam FOUR Active UK Supplement

How to Invest

The following forms must be completed and faxed to Sanlam Universal Funds Plc, +353 1 241 7131:

  • Account Opening Form (for new investors) Download PDF
  • Dealing Form (Subscription, Redemptions and Exchanges) Download PDF

Full instructions on how to complete the forms are included, however, please contact Sanlam Universal Funds +353 1 241 7130 for further assistance.

Please ensure you read the full prospectus prior to investing.

Sanlam Universal Funds plc Prospectus Download
Sanlam FOUR Active UK Supplement Download

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